Reward yourself with My Cafe Rewards

Reward yourself with My Cafe Rewards

My Cafe Rewards

Welcome to My Cafe – a loyalty program for Cafe Carolina customers

My Cafe is a new loyalty rewards program that’s loyal to you! Each time you visit, your purchases will be recorded on your My Cafe card. Once you’ve spent $80 at Cafe Carolina, you’ll receive a $10 reward to spend as you wish at any of our four Triangle locations. You’ll even get a $10 reward when you register, another $10 reward on your registration anniversary, and another on your birthday each year! You can even double the credit for your purchases on Mondays with the Double Monday awards! Rewards points will automatically credit to your account and can be redeemed at the register with your card of a phone number. You’ll also receive an email reminder of your reward, but the email is not necessary for redemption.

How to Get Started

Simply pick up a My Cafe card at a Cafe Carolina location and have it activated at the register. From there, head to Click on the “My Cafe Rewards” icon on the homepage to sign up online. When you first register your card, go to “add your profile.” You will need to enter your 16 digit card number to register. From there,  you can sign in to your account to keep track of your purchases and see how close you are to earning a $10 reward. Next time you’re in Cafe Carolina, present your card at the register and start earning your way to delicious Cafe Carolina savings.

What are the rewards?

  • A $10 reward for every $80 you spend
  • A $10 reward when you register online
  • A $10 reward on your birthday each year
  • A $10 reward on the one-year anniversary of when you register
  • Twice the purchase credits on Mondays
  • Emails with coupons will be delivered within a few hours of eligibility


Do I need to keep track of my Cafe Carolina purchases?
No, My Cafe was created with you in mind. You can keep up with rewards you’ve earned by going to your account online, checking your email or asking at the register.

Can I redeem My Cafe awards at any Cafe Carolina location?
Yes! Enjoy My Cafe rewards at any of our four Triangle locations.

Do My Cafe rewards expire?
Your  birthday and anniversary rewards expire 31 days from the date of receipt. Your other earned rewards do not expire.

What happens if I lose my card?
No problem! Luckily, each card is linked to your phone number so the next time you want to use your My Cafe Club Card just give the cashier your phone number and your rewards will show up on your My Cafe Club Card account.

I have a card, but am not getting any rewards.
If you have a card, you’re almost there – but your card needs to be activated. Be sure to sign up for a My Cafe Club Card account to start racking up your awards.

What kind of awards  can I expect?
My Cafe is all about you so feel free to use your My Cafe awards to purchase any menu item of your choice, gift cards, catering and more at your neighborhood Cafe Carolina!

Do I need to print my reward email?

No, just present your card or phone number at the register and the cashier can access your account.


If you don’t see your answer, no worries. Please call 919-412-5529 and we’ll be happy to answer your question.

* My Cafe awards are not legal tender and can be used only on Cafe Carolina and Bakery purchases as part of our loyalty rewards program. Coupons are for use in a single transaction. In the event that the entire value of the coupon or coupons is not redeemed or used during the transaction, change will not be given and no partial coupon credits will remain. Any other offer or discount will not be applied to your rewards. Only the cash remaining portion you spend will apply and be credited to your account. Cafe Carolina has the right to to make changes to the program without written notice to its members. All efforts will be made to inform everyone in the program ahead of time in any event this should happen.